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Initial situation

The current occasion and go-ahead to open a call for bids for a new corporate design was the planned move back to the main building at Schillerplatz. After completion of the renovation of the building in the summer of 2021, for which a new orientation system is to be installed, a major opening event is to be planned to mark the return.
In addition, the website and all digital channels of the academy are to virtually display the relaunch in parallel with the relocation and reopening.

Is there a schedule?

March 17, 2021
Launch microsite for internal communication
Start of working groups
April and May
Internal development phase
June 15, 2021
Academy press conference – First public appearance with new corporate design
Start of resettlement campaign in new design, Website launch/landing page in new design
July to Sept
Move back to Schillerplatz, Installation of orientation system, Production of printed matter and office equipment
October 7, 2021
Opening exhibition Schillerplatz
Start WS 21/22 – New corporate design in use, basic equipment in use
Nov to Dec
Ongoing development, Extended business equipment, individual special applications and templates, Website conversion to new design

Why is the Academy getting a new visual identity anyway?

The academy currently has a corporate design in use that was put out to bid in 2004 and has generally worked well with all the advancements under two changing rectorates over all these years.
With a new change of rector in 2019 and the associated new guiding perspectives and tasks and the generally growing demands in the field of public relations, it was now time to initiate a process of finding a common identity and, in conjunction with this, to relaunch the visual appearance of the academy.

When will the new appearance and logo be valid?

The kick-off for the internal as well as external application of the new corporate design and logo for the academy is the beginning of October 2021. With the start of the winter semester and the return to Schillerplatz, the academy is to appear cohesively with its new look.
On June 15, 2021, the new graphic concept will be unveiled and then anticipated and announced in a campaign over the summer to mark the relocation.
Until then, our current design and logo is to be used.

Who is involved in the processes?

Currently, there are four working groups for the internal development processes, which, with the participation of students and the representatives of the Equal Opportunities Team and the Coordination Office for Advancement of Women / Gender Studies / Diversity, are in a regular exchange with the respective representatives of the departments and institutes, together with Beton and the office for public relations.
The groups have been set up to focus on the following topics:

Corporate Design in general:
headed by Claudia Kaiser

Corporate Design Exhibition Operations:
headed by Michaela Zach

Website and Digital Applications:
headed by Linda Klösel

Orientation System:
headed by Ann-Barbara Kessler

Who can I contact with questions?

Questions, wishes, and suggestions of all kinds are welcome and desired and should be addressed directly to me, Claudia Kaiser (project leader), via email: c.kaiser@akbild.ac.at

As a student, you can also contact the two student representatives Lisa Penz and Karolina Gruschka. Or, as a staff member, you can contact the respective management of the institute and the department as well as the heads of the working groups.